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“What a wonderful and passionate mentor, I have been broadened, gained more knowledge, gained more experience and know how to improve my skills, CV and portfolio for upcoming opportunities. ”

Diane Jones

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“I’m surprised by Lin proactive way to lead the conversation.  I’m really really appreciate with her extra effort so it’s hard to simplify it in few sentences:P It’s comfortable to speak with Sasha, and recommend to mentee who wants to clarify design concepts and problems..”

Carl Correa

“I had an amazing session with Sasha recently! She was supportive and great to talk to. In the session, she gave insightful suggestions on how to improve my portfolio and cv!”

Leonie Vega

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We’re collecting and building up the platform for now. So you have to 

There are a lot of free resources out there, but we doesn’t have one central place to collect all of that. We’re just helping doing this for our works and share it to everyone. 

As once juniors, we understand how difficult it is to learn a new skill, especially under this digital world.

Currently we’re strongly focus on Facebook communities and twitter. Once we complete our website and platform, where we organize free UX resources logically, we’re definitely going to expanding.

For now, please take part in our communities here:

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